Diploma in Sales Tax Practice (DSTP)

Minimum Qualification
Course Fee
Net Fee to be Paid
Diploma in Sales Tax Practice
Six Months



Cash Book – Subsidiary Book – Ledger System

This system of practical accounting contains accounts of large scale organization havaing different departments like purchase department, Sales department, Cash Department etc. and a group of accountants working in different departments.

Prepartion of Cash Book – Purchase Day Book – Sales Day Book – Purchase Returns Book – Sales Returns Book – Bills Receivable Book – Bills Payable Book and a Journal Proper.

General Ledger – Debtors Ledger Creditors Ledger

Purchase Register – Sales Register – Cheque Receivable Register – Cheque Payable Register.

Preparation of Schedules –Trial Balance – Computation of Stock, Depreciation – Bad Debts – Provision and Reserve for Bad Debts  and Discounts etc.  Preparation of Financial Accounts.

Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement – Study of Different Types of accounting errors – Errors of Omission – Commission – Principles and Clerical errors – Rectification entries for correction of errors.

Preparation of  project report for obtaining Over Draft from banks. 

(1) Preparation of accounts of Jewellery dealers – Calculation of cost of production of Gold and Silver articles. Preparation of  Day Book, Ledger and Final Accounts Relating to Jewellery brining old assets and liabilities in the account.

(2) Preparation of accounts of a Trading Institution based on Tribunal and High Court Judgments.

(3) Preparation of Accounts of Non- Trading Institution.

(4) Preparation of Accounts of Manufacturing Institution Calculation of Cost Of Production, Fixation of selling Price,  Preparation of Stock Registers of raw materials work in progress and finished products, Preparation of manufacturing  account, Trading account profit and loss account and BalanceSheet.

(5) Preparation of Accounts of Financial Institution.

SSI Registration – Tax exemption – Subsidy – Industrial Loans and its procedure – Trial Balance and Finalization of  accounts – filing- Classification of files – placing files in filing cabinets – Scheduling of files –indexing of files.

KGST:  General awareness of KGST Act and Rules  -Historical Data – Need for VAT System – Problems KGST- Single point  Tax – Point of levy- Schedules in KGST – ST, AST, Surcharge, Forms.

CST: Detailed Study of CST Act and R&T Rules.
CST Registration  - Inter – State Transactions use of Forms like ‘C’ Form, ‘D’ Form ‘E1’ Form, ‘E11’ Form, ‘F’ Form, ‘H’  Form etc..

VAT:  Intensive study of K.V.A .T Act and Rules

INCOME TAX: Detailed Study of Income Tax – Assesses – Assessment year – Previous year Resident – nonresident – Taxable Income – All Heads Of Income – Filing of Returns etc.

Act rules – Taxable Services – Rate of ST –EC-HEC- Collection- Payment Refund of Tax – Case Laws etc.   Procurement of files- replacement of files etc.

ESI AND PF Application of KML Act and Rules in accounting to make it ‘Practical Accounting’
Application of K.M.L. act and rules and its application. 
Special Classes on VAT and Income Tax by experts.

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